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May 1 Thursday 5:30pm
Forgotten Heroes: Ireland’s WWI Soldiers a lecture and book signing by author Tom Phelan 

Almost a quarter of a million Irish men joined the British army and fought in World War I, and more than 35,000 thousand died.  In Mountmellick, the small village where Tom Phelan grew up, it was said that nearly every house in the town had someone in the trenches.  Fifty-five local men died in the war.

Tom Phelan will discuss the many reasons Irish men joined the British army to fight in the war, the conditions they faced in the trenches and the reception they received when they returned home to an Ireland where the political landscape had been transformed.

Phelan’s talk will be illustrated with selections from his novel, “The Canal Bridge.” Set in Ireland and France during World War I, “The Canal Bridge” tells the story of two Irish soldiers and the lovers and families they leave behind as they struggle to survive the slaughterhouse that was Europe from 1914 to 1918.

Advance reservations are required. Please reserve your spot online by clicking here or by calling 203-582-6500.